Coming 2019

How About a Song?
Summary: When Vera and her driver Ralph arrive in Indiana, they are not surprised to be turned away from the town’s hotel. It’s 1955 and all over the country blacks are overtly discriminated against. But what will Vera and Ralph do? Scheduled to perform at the local school the next morning, Vera must find a place to rest before night falls and it won’t be easy.
For eight-year old Robin, life is predictable. Every day, she goes to school and returns home. In her town, everyone knows everyone. But when Robin witnesses a hotel clerk coldly denying two African Americans a room, she is confused. Seeing a new side of the people she’s known all her life, Robin will try to make sense of their actions and, ultimately, her own.
Alternating between perspectives, Vera and Robin’s stories converge in this tale about following your conscience. This story is for readers age 7 and up, and is inspired by the life of award winning, children’s folk musician, Ella Jenkins.